Posted on January 02, 2012

Tech Talk: New MICHELIN® Commander® II Tire

GREENVILLE, S.C. (Jan. 2, 2012) – A variety of technologies have been incorporated into the new MICHELIN® Commander® II tire which give it up to twice the usable tire life of its competitors* - making it the new standard in cruiser tire longevity - as well as providing a stable ride in a variety of conditions and styling that the discerning cruiser-motorcycle owner requires.

Following are a summary of the technologies incorporated into the new Commander II tire:

Silica Rain Technology (SRT)
- Featured on MICHELINCommanderII radial tires, SRT integrates silica into the tire's tread compound to improve grip in cooler temperatures and on wet pavement, without compromising tread life. Michelin was a pioneer in introducing silica into passenger car tires and continues that
trend in the motorcycle realm.

For the majority of Commander II tires, which are bias-ply, new tread compounds were developed to echo the characteristics of the SRT-infused radial, with emphasis on tire longevity and wet-weather handling.

New Tread Pattern design
- Tread pattern on the MICHELIN® Commander® II tire was influenced by the style of cruiser motorcycles as well as the popular Pilot Road series of tires with a "flame effect" design. Longitudinal grooves in the tread pattern evacuate water to enhance grip in wet conditions and the tread pattern has been optimized with computer design to maximize mileage.

Amplified Density Technology (ADT)

- ADT is a rigid, high-density carcass architecture which allows for enhanced maneuverability and feedback to the rider, especially during cornering.

The difference between conventional 71-thread ply tires and the MICHELIN® Commander® II tire's 90 thread ply illustrates the increased density of the new tire versus competitors.

Aramid fiber
- All MICHELIN® Commander® II rear tires, except the narrowest sizes (80/90-21 and 100/90 B19) integrate Aramid fiber into their construction. Aramid is applied to the crown ply of the tire to allow for low weight and increased casing rigidity while providing stability at high speeds** by resisting growth.

Square-bead sidewall
- The unique sidewall of the new MICHELIN® Commander® II tire features square bead wires in the tire bead. These wires improve bead strength and casing rigidity, which enhances handling.

Additionally, the square bead wires provide ease of installation by improving the primary air seal when mounting and inflating.


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