Posted on June 24, 2020

Michelin Expands Sportbike Tire Range for Road and Track Use

Greenville, S.C., June 24, 2020 — Intended to meet the needs of motorcycle riders from 100% track to 100% street, Michelin has renewed its entire Sport offering by launching four new motorcycle tire ranges this year: MICHELIN® Power 5, MICHELIN® Power GP, MICHELIN® Power Cup 2 and MICHELIN® Power Slick 2.

“As the official tire supplier for MotoGP™, Michelin is thrilled to provide an entire new range of sportbike tires for the track and street,” said Shane Messner, director of two wheel for Michelin North America. “The new Power lineup caters to riders of all levels, whether they are looking for excellent wet grip and durability, or faster lap times.”

Each product features its own specific performance characteristics through the use of high technology materials and casing designs. Michelin’s entire offering was designed simultaneously to ensure consistency and predictable performance for riders from one tire to another. Riders who purchase multiple tires from the MICHELIN Power lineup will benefit from a seamless bike set up and more time on the road and track.

Michelin supports a growing network of trackside distributors and installers across the country that carry the full range of race, trackday and DOT sport bike tires. Michelin recently expanded race tire distribution to Western Power Sports through its network of climate-controlled warehouses. Consumers can contact their local sportbike tire retailer for pricing and availability.

MICHELIN® Power 5: The premium sportbike tire for maximum fun in wet and dry conditions

The MICHELIN Power 5 tire is intended for on-road riders of sport and sport touring bikes who demand a high level of performance. Grip in all conditions, especially in the rain, as well as an overabundance of traction and reassuring behavior under aggressive braking are among the requirements of these riders.

To learn more, visit https://motorcycle.michelinman.com/motorbike/tyres/michelin-power-5.

MICHELIN® Power GP: The 50/50 track day tire with extraordinary wet and dry grip

The MICHELIN Power GP tire is designed for riders who prefer sporty riding and do occasionally test their skills during trackdays. This 50/50 tire offers a very good balance between adhesion and longevity in any condition.

To learn more, visit https://motorcycle.michelinman.com/motorbike/tyres/michelin-power-gp.

MICHELIN® Power Cup 2: Increase your track time while lowering your lap times!1

The MICHELIN Power Cup 2 tire is designed for track use but approved for the road. Offering fast individual lap times, and consistently fast on multiple 10-lap sessions, it more than satisfies fans of trackdays.

To learn more, visit https://motorcycle.michelinman.com/motorbike/tyres/michelin-power-cup-2.

MICHELIN® Power Slick 2 tire: Step up to Michelin’s next level of grip for even shorter lap times2

The MICHELIN Power Slick 2 tire is fully dedicated to track use. It is not approved for the road and is specifically targeted at trackday and racing enthusiasts. Particularly fast both on a single lap and on multiple 10-lap sessions, it is the ultimate track tire that delivers extraordinary grip from the first lap to the last. Easy to use, it does not require specific adjustments to the motorcycle and its rapid warm-up eliminates the need for tire warmers.

To learn more, visit https://motorcycle.michelinman.com/motorbike/tyres/michelin-power-slick-2.

1 Based on external test conducted at the Cartagena Circuit in Spain using a 2019 Suzuki® GSX-R1000R fitted with 120/70 ZR 17 front and 190/55 ZR 17 rear tires comparing lap times of MICHELIN® Power Cup 2 tires with MICHELIN® Power Cup Evo tires. Local on-track results may vary.

2 Based on internal test conducted at the Cartagena Circuit in Spain using a 2019 Suzuki GSX-R1000R fitted with 120/70 ZR 17 front and 190/55 ZR 17 rear tires comparing lap times of MICHELIN® Power Slick 2 tires with MICHELIN® Power Slick Evo tires. Local on-track results may vary.

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