Posted on August 02, 2019

Michelin Raises Prices in Passenger Categories


GREENVILLE, S.C., Aug. 2, 2019 — Michelin North America will increase prices up to 5% for selected MICHELIN® and BFGoodrich Tires® passenger and light-truck tire product lines in the United States and Canada, effective on Sept. 1. Customers may discuss details concerning the price increase directly with account managers.



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LM | January 6, 2020 @ 6:22PM
Michelin customer service is a bunch of deceitful inbound call cowboys. I have a pair of Michelin X-Ice with about 18,000kms and they cannot be further used for safe driving. Defective tread stripe on all four tires. They cost me $950 and were used one-and-a-half winters. The Warranty is for 60,000 but Michelin are not even honest. They lied multiple times that they didn't have tread readings that I went and had forwarded to them from a Michelin dealer they recommended. Deceitful and negligent. What makes it worse is the CEO for North America is based in Auvergne, France. How convenient to pocket hard working consumer dollars on the other side of the ocean and then dine in Michelin 5-Star restaurants in a different time zone and continent to handle complaints. Pathetic company. Shocking. I made my new tires Good-Year and it's been a very revealing experience with a pathetic, deceitful, negligent company.

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