Posted on May 21, 2018

Michelin Releases its First Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Report to Mark United Nations World Diversity Day

Michelin Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion honors former U.S. Secretary of Education and South Carolina Gov. Richard Riley

Greenville, S.C., May 21, 2018 — Michelin North America, recently ranked No. 1 on Forbes magazine’s survey of “America’s Best Large Employers” for 2018, today marked United Nations World Cultural Diversity Day by releasing its first diversity and inclusion report for North America. The Company also honored former U.S. Secretary of Education and South Carolina Gov. Richard W. Riley with the Michelin Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion.

The 16-page report, which features the voices and views of Michelin employees, highlights the Company’s emphasis on building a diverse and inclusive workplace for more than 20,000 employees in the United States and Canada.

“Michelin prioritizes diversity and inclusion, enabling us to better serve customers while continuing to compete in an ever-changing global marketplace,” said Scott Clark, chairman and president of Michelin North America. “We understand that when customers trust in our brand, they expect the excellence of our products and services should also be reflected in Michelin’s dedication to our employees and commitment to our communities.”

During a celebratory event at the Company’s headquarters, Michelin honored Mr. Riley with the Michelin Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion. Michelin presented the award to Mr. Riley to recognize his extraordinary leadership in promoting equality in the workplace, encouraging inclusive dialogue in our communities and training leaders to manage diverse teams.

“For more than 50 years, Dick Riley has been a driving force behind positive change in South Carolina, where Michelin North America began U.S. operations in 1975,” said Herb Johnson, chief diversity and inclusion officer of Michelin North America. “In addition to supporting Michelin’s growth over the years, Mr. Riley has set the standard for leaders to leverage the rich diversity of the state and foster an inclusive environment for all through the Diversity Leaders Initiative.”

As former U.S. Secretary of Education (1993‒2001) and former Governor of South Carolina (1979‒87), Mr. Riley remains an ambassador for improving education in the state, nation and abroad.

“Michelin has been a consistent leader for workplace diversity and inclusion among corporate employers across the communities its workforce serves,” Mr. Riley said. “This award honors all 2,000 graduates of the Riley Institute’s Diversity Leadership Initiative, where success is measured by one’s ability to lead effectively in an increasingly diverse environment.”

With 19 facilities across the United States and Canada, Michelin is focused on building the workforce of today and tomorrow. Michelin attracts high-school and college students with hands-on learning experiences through its Youth Apprenticeship program, Technical Scholars program and other high-value internships and cooperative-education opportunities. Michelin also recruits uniquely talented mid-career employees and gives them opportunities to learn, develop, contribute and find a true sense of purpose in their work throughout their careers. The result is a multifaceted workforce that drives Michelin’s ingenuity, vision and success.

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