Posted on October 30, 2017

Michelin Event Recognizes 2018 Starred Chefs from Across the Country

Following announcement of New York City starred restaurants, company celebrates with private event

NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2017 – The 2018 editions of the MICHELIN Guide have all been announced, including the MICHELIN Guide New York City, published today.

The MICHELIN Guide first came to the U.S. with the New York edition. In fact, it was the first city outside of Europe where Michelin published the ‘red guide’, whose origins can be traced to 1900 when the company’s founders, the brothers Andre and Edouard Michelin, created travel guides as a way to help early automobile owners motor about with more confidence by giving them information on road travel. The Company now publishes guides in four American cities: Chicago, New York City, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

Using a starred system to denote restaurants that are worth a stop (one star), a detour (two stars) or a special journey (three stars), today, Michelin publishes red guides worldwide in 28 countries and four continents.

2018 Editions Recognize Top Restaurants Across the Country

Michelin announces its new selection of revered restaurants each fall in the U.S and the star selections follow the Bib Gourmand list, an honor given to affordable restaurants of high-quality in each city.  The first launch of the 2018 season was intended to be San Francisco. Devastating wildfires in Northern California led the Company to delay the announcement for two weeks.

The 2018 selections for all cities include:

  • 14 restaurants with three stars
  • 24 restaurants with two stars
  • 128 restaurants with one star
  • 270 restaurants with a Bib Gourmand

Three, Two, One

This year, 14 restaurants claim the top honor of three Michelin stars with two in Chicago, five in New York City and seven in San Francisco.  The newest edition to the three-star selection is Coi in San Francisco and under the direction of chef Matthew Kirkley.

There are 24 two-starred restaurants including newcomers in Chicago (Smyth), San Francisco (Californios and SingleThread) and New York City (Jean-Georges and Sushi Ginza Onodera.

There are 14 new Michelin one-starred restaurants in the U.S. In D.C., Komi and Metier made the vaulted list.  In Chicago, elske and Entente join San Francisco’s In Situ, Kinjo, Kenzo,and Rich Table. Announced today, New York’s Bar Uchū, Cote, Clocktower, Satsuki, Sushi Amane and Rouge Tomate earned a star for the first time.

The 2018 editions of the MICHELIN Guide, like all previous selections, include reviews by the “famously anonymous” food inspectors who dine around the published cities unannounced and undetected. They are treated like any other customer with the food on the plate wielding all the clout—which is the most important reason the MICHELIN Guide remains one of the most highly regarded authorities in the culinary world.

Celebratory Event at the Ziegfeld Ballroom

MICHELIN Guide New York 2018 edition will go on sale November 2, marking thirteen years for the famous restaurant guide in the Big Apple.

Recognizing this year’s red guide, Michelin is celebrating with a special “star celebration” on the eve of the guide’s market introduction. This private event, held in partnership with Robert Parker Wine Advocate, invites Michelin-recognized chefs and restaurateurs, food press and other special guests, to celebrate the 2018 stars.

A special live auction will feature once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for bid.  All proceeds from the auction will benefit Breaking Ground, New York City’s largest supportive housing provider.

Guests will be treated to the musical stylings of recording artist Colbie Caillet and delicious baked breads and pasteries from L’Appart, Michelin-starred restaurant within Le District.

Held at the recently renovated Ziegfeld Ballroom, the event is being held with the help of several exclusive and high-end sponsors that include the following:

  • ROBERT PARKER WINE ADVOCATE – Official Event Partner MICHELIN Guide New York City 2018

Premium Sponsors

  • NESPRESSO – Coffee of Choice MICHELIN Guide US 2018
  • RIEDEL – Glassware of Choice MICHELIN Guide US 2018

Event Sponsors

  • Mercedes - AMG – Official automotive partner of the MICHELIN Guide 2018 Launch Event
  • BRAGARD – Official Chef Jacket for New Michelin-starred Chefs 2018
  • BREAKING GROUND – Official Charity of the MICHELIN Guide 2018 Launch Event
  • CAMPARI AMERICA – Spirit Partner of the  MICHELIN Guide 2018 Launch Event
  • D’ARTAGNAN – Fine Food Partner of the MICHELIN Guide 2018 Launch Event
  • L'APPART– Bread Partner of the MICHELIN Guide 2018 Launch Event
  • Louis RoedereR– Champagne of Choice of the MICHELIN Guide 2018 Launch Event
  • MURRAY’S CHEESE – Cheese Partner of the MICHELIN Guide 2017 Launch Event
  • NAPA VALLEY VINTNERS Wine Partner of the MICHELIN Guide 2018 Launch Event
  • SEEDLIP – Non-Alcoholic Spirit Partner of the MICHELIN Guide 2018 Launch Event
  • VALRHONA Chocolate Partner of the MICHELIN Guide 2018 Launch Event






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