Posted on February 21, 2024

MICHELIN Connected Fleet, Powered by NexTraq, Announces Strategic Partnership with TruckIT


ATLANTA, Feb 19, 2023 – Commercial telematics leaders MICHELIN Connected Fleet and TruckIT are excited to announce a new partnership. This collaboration will leverage their two platforms to bring their current and future customers an even more robust solution for streamlining and growing their commercial fleets.  

Founded in 2014, TruckIT offers hauling management solutions for contractors, haulers and material producers. Their products for dispatch, paperless ticketing, job management and reporting centralize and simplify short-haul supply chain logistics for their customers.  

“Partnering with MICHELIN Connected Fleet is a natural fit for TruckIT and we’re proud to be associated with the esteemed Michelin brand,” says Pace Davis, CEO of TruckIT. “Through our integration, customers benefit from a more holistic view of their data in real-time with innovative tools that speak to each other, resulting in streamlined workflows and actionable data insights to operate more efficiently.” 

The partnership looks to bring together TruckIT’s expertise in commercial construction and material handling fleet management and MICHELIN Connected Fleet’s data-driven approach to fleet management for both light- and heavy-duty commercial fleets. Based in their mutual expertise in simplifying fleet operations around safety, cost control and productivity, the integration of their two platforms aims to simplify their partner fleets’ operations with an even more comprehensive view of a vehicles journey – from initial dispatch through delivery and beyond. 

“At MICHELIN Connected Fleet, our driving purpose is to help our fleet partners find ways to make real, impactful changes to their operations by using the vast amount of data they can collect,” says Andy Beasley, President and COO of MICHELIN Connected Fleet. “Our partnership with TruckIT is an exciting next step in bringing our customers the best tools to run their fleets, and one we’re excited to continue to develop.” 

MICHELIN Connected Fleet and TruckIT look forward to their partnership driving further innovation in the commercial fleet management space and continuing to bring their fleet partners advanced solutions for cost control, safety and productivity. 

About MICHELIN Connected Fleet, Powered by NexTraq  

MICHELIN Connected Fleet services and solutions are designed to offer the tools and information that fleet operators and managers need to easily manage their fleets on a day-to-day basis and transform their operational efficiency. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, MICHELIN Connected Fleet, Powered by NexTraq has over 200 employees and provides fleet management solutions for small- to large-sized fleets across the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

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About TruckIT 

TruckIT addresses customer challenges by leveraging advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud computing, and IoT connectivity to advance wholesale digital transformation. TruckIT customers can simplify, automate, and digitize business workflows relating to dispatching, fleet management, ticketing, inventory management, reporting, and back-office administration to increase operational efficiency. 

TruckIT’s innovative suite of solutions optimize assets, automate manual processes, minimize human error, enhance employee, and site safety, lower costs, increase fuel savings, reduce fraud, decrease downtime, accelerate scheduling and delivery, and more 

TruckIT integrates with ERP's, IoT devices, accounting and payroll software, existing business systems, and scalehouses. TruckIT's easy-to-use solution drives efficiency for owners, contractors, truck brokers, heavy haulers, DOTs, and material producers throughout the US, Canada, and Latin America. 

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