Posted on May 06, 2021

Michelin Upgrades its 250-ton Rigid Dump Truck Tire Used in Open Pit Mines


GREENVILLE, S.C., May 6, 2021 – Michelin North America, Inc., has introduced the next generation of its mining tire for 250-ton rigid dump trucks – the MICHELIN® XDR® 250+ – that features improved wear resistance, optimized wear and increased aggression resistance. Available in a 50/80R57 size, the MICHELIN XDR 250+ tire improves wear resistance and increases tire life by 8%1 for MB4 and MB compounds, with no tradeoff in ton-miles per hour (TMPH) compared to the MICHELIN® XDR® 250 tire.

"With rigid dump trucks playing such a critical part of open-pit-mining operations, the tires are key to meeting mine profitability targets through lower operating costs," said Sarah Robinson, mining marketing manager, Michelin North America. "As our most productive surface mining tire for 250-ton trucks, the XDR 250+ tire provides up to 15% more TMPH for the MB and MB4 compounds versus the competition2."

This next generation, benchmark tire for rigid dump trucks includes the following upgrades:

  • The tire incorporates the second generation of two revolutionary compounds, MB4 and MB1, that provide improved wear resistance. An exclusive new mixing process with a superior level of carbon black dispersion creates a much more homogeneous mix that leads to a slower wear rate.
  • With an optimized contact patch, there is increased aggression resistance due to lower tire pressure for the same load capacity compared to the MICHELIN® XDR 250. Less pressure on ground delivers an improved wear profile and protects the equipment.

For more information visit the Michelin Business website.

1 The new MICHELIN® 50/80R57 XDR® 250+, has increased tire life by 8%, thanks to new generation of compounds and innovative tread layers (1), and improved aggression resistance (2)

(1) Compared to MICHELIN® XDR® 250 50/80R57. Average performance by mine site. Projected improvement in tire life based on field performance in 70 customer mine sites over 25 months. Actual results may vary.

(2) Compared to MICHELIN® XDR® 250 50/80R57, Thanks to carrying the same load capacity at lower air pressure, according to the 2019 Michelin Databook.

2 Compared to BRIDGESTONE MASTERCORE 50/80R57. Data gathered from 2021 Bridgestone Databook

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