Posted on October 01, 2020

Melanie Astles Soars During French Aerial Competition


GREENVILLE, S.C., Oct. 1, 2020 – Michelin-sponsored pilot Mélanie Astles has won the 2020 title of the France Unlimited Female Champion that took place in Châteauroux between September 16-23 aboard her Extra 330 F-HMEL plane. With a score of 78.7 % after 3 programs, the five-time French aerobatics champion has placed 6th in the general ranking. Louis Vanel won the male title.


“Since the post-lockdown in May, and in preparation for competitions, I attended several training camps with other pilots in various locations in France with our coach Pierre Varloteaux. A lot of work, a lot of progress, a good atmosphere, willpower and mental preparation,” said Astles. “My next goal the French Open and the 2021 international championships.”


As the only woman competing against men in the German Open/Extra Unlimited Aerobatics that took place in Welzow August: 26-30, she took first place overall.


Astles started flying lessons at age 21, and she became aerobatics champion of France 14 years later. Astles has finished several times among the world’s top 10 aerobatics pilots and ascended to a European Aerobatics Championship ranking.

The French Open is scheduled for October 12-16.  Follow Astles’ race progress on Instagram at melanieastles or michelinaircraft.

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