Posted on September 21, 2018

Michelin Celebrates the Spirit of Exploration and Travel with Nationwide Rock-Painting Contest


GREENVILLE, S.C., Sept. 21, 2018 — In the early days of motoring, Edouard and Andre Michelin introduced the famed Michelin Guide to encourage people to drive their automobiles farther and more frequently. They encouraged people to explore and sightsee as they traveled, enjoying their newfound mobility.


Celebrating the same spirit of exploration and mobility that continues today, Michelin North America introduces #MichelinRocks, a nationwide painted-rock initiative. Travelers participate by painting a rock and sharing its photo on designated social media channels.


“Nearly 120 years ago, the Michelin brothers called for travelers to take to the road in search of new adventures. We hope #MichelinRocks encourages the same spirit of travel, companionship and adventure,” said Jill Goulette, director of B2B customer experience for Michelin North America. “Travelers of all ages are trading painted rocks that commemorate their journeys and form creative connections with other people. These values reflect the lasting vision of Michelin’s founders.”


Contest begins Sept. 24


Michelin will distribute 100 yellow-painted rocks in California, Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Montana. The rocks — painted by artist Darcie Arnold of Simpsonville, S.C. — will be hidden in public places, such as campgrounds, local parks, downtown areas, bus stops and so on. Travelers who find a yellow Michelin-branded rock may share a photo on social media that is tagged #MichelinRocks.


Using properly acquired rocks, participants in Youth or Adult categories may create their own painted rocks for a prize: one side should feature their favorite vehicle for travel (such as a car, RV, bicycle, plane, SUV, motorcycle, bus, truck, camper, UTV), and the other side should include the #MichelinRocks hashtag. All valid entries must include a travel vehicle and the proper hashtag. Share a photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that’s tagged #MichelinRocks. A $500 donation will be made to the school's art program of the youth winner and a $250 gift card will be awarded to the adult winner. Read more about the contest rules and restrictions, or submit an entry, by visiting michelintruck.com/keepitmoving.


Note: National and state parks prohibit the removal of rocks from their properties and have a "leave it as you found it" policy, which also means painted rocks cannot be left in the parks.

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