Posted on June 16, 2015

Who Could Ever Forget His Or Her First Car?—Not Many Of Us According To A Survey By Michelin

New campaign asks drivers to share their #FirstCarMoment and expand tire safety knowledge

GREENVILLE, S.C., June 16, 2015 – Getting the keys to your first car is a moment that people never forget. For most of us, that car – old, new or somewhere in between – represented a newfound freedom and independence. And of course, that freedom of driving carries an enormous responsibility to stay safe on the road. A new survey commissioned by Michelin North America finds that four out of five Americans can tell you about the make or model of their first car, but only one in five (21 percent) remember the type of tires – a key contributor in road safety. [i]


The survey also found that:

  • More than half of Americans (58 percent) got their first car before age 18.
  • While half (57 percent) purchased their first car themselves, more than one-third (39 percent) received it from someone else (either as a gift specifically purchased for them or as a hand-me-down).
  • When thinking about their first car, one-third of Americans (33 percent) were not familiar with how to maintain tire tread, and only half (53 percent) kept a tire pressure gauge in the glove box.

While tire safety is critical to consider all year long, summer is a significant time to remind people of its importance. The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day marks the 100 Deadliest Days for teen drivers, based on accident data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and National Safety Council.


This summer, Michelin is kicking off a new effort encouraging consumers to share stories about their #firstcarmoment and learn more about the importance of tire safety.


“As a tire manufacturer focused on better mobility for over 125 years, we are dedicated to providing ultimate safety,” said Pierre Barrard, director of marketing, Michelin North America. “Designing the best tire is not enough. The way they are used and maintained are equally as important and we at Michelin have a commitment to raising awareness of one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. We can all relate to the heart of this campaign which represents a true moment in life when one gains a sense of greater responsibility to care about themselves and others on the road.” 


Accidents due to improper tire maintenance are preventable, and simple steps can save lives. Checking your tire pressure monthly with a pressure gauge and learning how to properly check tread depth are easy tasks that can help drivers correctly maintain their tires and contribute to overall vehicle safety.


The campaign is an extension of the company’s larger effort increase awareness of road safety. To learn more about the campaign, visit Michelin Man on YouTube. To learn more about tire maintenance and keeping young drivers safe on the road, including how to check tire tread and pressure, visit

[i] Based on phone survey of 1,009 adults living in the US. ORC fielded the survey from June 4-7, 2015; the survey has a margin of error of +/- 3.1% at a 95% confidence level.
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