Posted on February 08, 2022

Now available: Michelin LED-lit mini fridge


Michelin is now offering a portable mini refrigerator that’s ideal for the office, garage, vehicle, boat, dorm, campsite, tailgate party and more.

The fridge is the perfect size to hold six (12 fluid ounce/350ml) beverage cans or four (16 fluid ounce/500ml) water bottles. It works with 12V DC or 110V AC power, so you can plug it in at home or on the go. At just 10” (25.4 cm) tall, the fridge is lightweight, easy to transport, and perfect for any space.

“Michelin is the longtime leader in mobility innovation, and this fridge is the perfect accessory for someone on the move,” said Tom Jupena, director of lifestyle products for Michelin North America. “With the MICHELIN mini fridge, even when things are heating up outside, there’s no reason you can’t have a cold beverage within arm’s reach at any time.”

The fridge uses environmentally friendly, CFC-free thermoelectric technology to cool to 32 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius) below the surrounding temperature. Plus, the Michelin Man LED light within the fridge door can be turned on with a simple tap.

The fridge is also available on Amazon’s Michelin brand store and Wayfair.  

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