Posted on January 06, 2022

Michelin Debuts an Airless Prototype Tire for Last-Mile Delivery eCargo Trikes


With urban mobility and last-mile delivery key to sustainable solutions in the future, Michelin North America, Inc., is developing products, offers and services for safer, more accessible, cleaner and more connected mobility.


As a part of this effort, Michelin is introducing a prototype of its MICHELIN X Tweel airless radial tire for eCargo trikes. Debuting at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the tire will be mounted on the Coaster Cycles eCargo trike in their booth in the eMobility Experience and Test Track area.


“Michelin is committed to innovation to solve tomorrow’s challenges in this complex and demanding market,” said Tony Marconi, Tweel business director.We aspire to be the leader of sustainable solutions for urban fleets and know the most costly step of logistics is often the last-mile delivery. Our innovative Tweel has solved challenges in other segments where flat tires are an issue. We are looking to get ahead of these obstacles in the urban mobility area and aim to deliver the best solution possible for customers to maximize uptime and minimize issues.” 


Main advantages of an airless tire solution on eCargo trikes for last-mile delivery:

  • Reduced downtime (late deliveries, cost of repair, inefficient operators) by eliminating flat tires.
  • Improved safety/stability. Tweels provide more stability when going around corners, allowing faster last-mile deliveries.
  • Potential to increase carrying capacity over pneumatic tires.
  • No tire maintenance or flat repairs.
  • Efficient changeability – fewer parts, fewer problems (on and off).
  • Extended range due to lower rolling resistance.
  • Improved end-of-life reuse and recyclability.
  • Improved tire wear.

“Coaster has been pushing the limits of what’s possible in e-mobility and leading the way in innovative solutions for last mile delivery providers,” said Jesse Bartholomew, vice president Product for Coaster Cycles. “The Michelin airless radial tires will help our customers make safer, more efficient, and faster deliveries with no down-time. We’re proud to partner with Michelin on such an exciting project.”


A MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® airless radial tire is a single unit that replaces the current tire and wheel assembly. There is no need for complex mounting equipment, and once they are bolted on, there is no air pressure to maintain. The unique energy transfer within the poly-resin spokes helps reduce the “bounce” associated with pneumatic tires, while providing outstanding handling characteristics. They are designed to perform like pneumatic tires, without the inconvenience and downtime caused by flat tires.


Although this particular solution is not yet commercially available, the MICHELIN X TWEEL portfolio of airless solutions for skid steers, golf carts, UTVs, and mowers is available immediately for online sale or through the MICHELIN TWEEL dealer network


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Pinakinbhai | January 16, 2022 @ 7:55AM
I appreciate your work and your great innovation. But we also increase the efficiency, load capacity, aerodynamic and strength with change small designs of rim. I have attached picture of quick solution. Once go through it. Hope it will be work for you. Thank you.

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