Posted on June 03, 2021

Two New Michelin Trailer Retreads Help Fleets Reduce Operating Costs


GREENVILLE, S.C., June 3, 2021 Michelin North America, Inc., is launching two new pre-mold retreads to broaden its lineup of tire retread technologies. The MICHELIN® X® MULTI T-SA Pre-Mold Retread is designed to address the scrub and stresses in spread axle and tag axle applications while also providing superior mileage performance in regional and super-regional operations. The MICHELIN® X® ONE Line Energy T2 Pre-Mold Retread is designed to lower the total cost of ownership for the North American line-haul market through improved trailer tread wear and fuel savings1.


“Fleet managers are under pressure to have well-managed tire programs, yet some managers may be pressured into selecting low-priced tires instead of high-quality retreads,” said Adam Murphy, vice president of B2B marketing for Michelin. “The smart money is on retreads. Retreading plays the central role in delivering the lowest total tire program cost and creates the greatest return on a fleet’s tire investment. In addition, manufacturing a retreaded tire requires 15 gallons less oil and approximately 90-100 pounds less total material than a new tire, so the environment also benefits.”


The MICHELIN X Multi T-SA Pre-Mold retread tire is targeted for regional and super-regional operations. A new premium rubber compound enhances scrub resistance and wear rate while rounded, solid shoulder provides resistance to aggression. This retread provides maximum tread-to-shoulder adhesion in high scrub applications and provides up to 25% more mileage2. Groove-bottom protectors defend against stone drilling. The MICHELIN X Multi T-SA retread is available with a deep 16/32-inch tread depth in six tread base width/tread width with wings3 including:

•           185/225

•           195/235

•           205/245

•           215/255

•           225/265

•           245/285


The MICHELIN X ONE LINE ENERGY T2 Pre-Mold Retread is designed for better wear versus the MICHELIN® X One® Line Energy T Pre-Mold Retread it replaces. For line-haul applications, the MICHELIN X ONE LINE ENERGY T2 Pre-Mold Retread provides outstanding handling for increased driver confidence and has microsipes and a solid shoulder to help reduce irregular wear. This premium trailer-position retread offers fuel savings through its advanced compound tread for a lower total cost of ownership. A winged tread3 provides maximum shoulder adhesion to the casing while waved grooves help prevent stone drilling and wide grooves promote improved water evacuation. This retread meets SmartWay® requirements and offers breakthrough new-tire technology in a retread. It is available is available in a 375/425 tread base width/tread width with wings3 size with a 13/32-inch tread depth. It will be available July 1.


(1) The U.S. EPA as part of their SmartWay® Program has demonstrated incremental fuel savings when low rolling resistance tires are used just on the tractor and/or just on the trailer. Actual results may vary, and may be impacted by many factors, to include road conditions, weather, environment, combination of steer and drive tires used, driving habits, tire size, equipment, and maintenance.

(2) Based on fleet survey results comparing projected removal mileage of the MICHELIN® X® MULTI T-SA Pre-Mold Retread and the MICHELIN® XZE® SA Pre-Mold Retread. Actual results will vary.

(3) Tread widths with two measurements have wings. The first number is tread base width in mm. The second number is the overall width, wing tip to tip.

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