Posted on August 08, 2014

New MICHELIN STRADDLE CARRIER Tire Increases Marine Port Productivity


MICHELIN® X-STRADDLE 2, 450/95R25 offers numerous benefits for demanding port operations  

GREENVILLE, S.C. (Aug. 7, 2014)MICHELIN Earthmover today announced the introduction of a new, more advanced  port tire for use on the massive straddle carriers that load and unload container ships at the world’s ports.

The new tire, called the MICHELIN® X-STRADDLE 2, 450/95R25, has a number of significant technical advancements that provide added safety, a higher-level of performance for improved productivity, a higher load-bearing capacity, increased longevity and more comfortable ride qualities for the equipment operators.  It also has new environmental benefits.

"Straddle carriers are the lifeblood of a port operation. These tires need to deliver maximum productivity, safety and durability to eliminate cargo downtime," said Hugo Morales, product marketing manager, Michelin North American Earthmover. "By offering solutions, Michelin delivers profitability through lower operating costs. This tire carries greater loads, at a faster speed, so more containers can move per hour on the terminal."

Straddle carriers are specialized eight-wheeled moving machines equipped with four steering axles. Constantly starting and stopping, these herculean machines can lift up to 100 tons and must be able to operate reliably in the most extreme weather conditions found at ports the world over.

The new MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2, 450/95R25 is built to improve the efficiency and productivity of carrier operations by offering a 17 percent increase in top speed capabilities, a 25 percent increase in per-hour distance and a seven percent increase in load capacity compared with the previous-generation MICHELIN® X-STRADDLE. Altogether, these improvements increase the productivity of the new tire by more than 30 percent.

Offering more longevity, the MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2, 450/95R25 uses a newly engineered tread pattern and casing, an innovative new dual-compound tread and an optimized cooling system design on both the tread and the shoulders. The new tread, which contains four percent more rubber, helps to increase the life of the tire by up to 15 percent.

The robust features of the new MICHELIN port tire provides operators increased reliability and enhanced safety with protective sidewall cords and belts that resist punctures and shearing.  Additionally, the tire’s narrower ribs reduce the risk of objects lodging in the tread while the protective belts on the sidewalls resist punctures and shearing. It is also easier to mount and dismount—an important factor when maintaining this giant machinery.

Even the operator benefits from Michelin’s advancements with more even tire wear that reduces vibrations. Environmentally, the MICHELIN® X-STRADDLE 2, 450/95R25 is built in ISO 14001-certified plants, and it can be retreaded.

The new MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 2 is available in 450/95R25 size for single spreader straddle carriers in original equipment and replacement markets. For double spreader straddle carriers, Michelin carries the MICHELIN X-STRADDLE 480/95 R25 size.

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