Posted on February 25, 2013

MICHELIN® Earthmover Sets Up Repair Accredidation Program


Partnering with Tech International to provide a consistent, quality repair network across North America

GREENVILLE, S.C. (Feb.  22, 2013)MICHELIN® Earthmover is partnering with Tech International and leading MICHELIN® Earthmover dealers to launch the MICHELIN® Earthmover Repair Accreditation Program, providing consistent and quality earthmover tire repairs in Michelin’s accredited repair shops.  This new program, which is scheduled for a 2013 rollout, enables end users to get the most value out of their tire investments. 

The MICHELIN® Earthmover Repair Accreditation Program will provide dealers with a host of services.  These include: training, technical support, inventory control systems, quality repair products and procedures, and traceability systems.  Tech International will provide initial training, as well as biannual training on repair methods, product inventory procedures, and quality and traceability systems.

The MICHELIN® Earthmover/Tech International certification/audit program will help verify that dealers are providing long-lasting and consistent tire repairs in all locations.   An accredited repair shop will go through a series of these audits by MICHELIN® Earthmover and Tech International to prove that they meet the criteria for repair capability and quality controls.

“We have found that there is a need in the industry for consistent, quality repairs and we want to make it easier for end users to find them,” said Michael Reich, Earthmover Services Category Manager. “The MICHELIN® Earthmover Repair Accreditation Program will ensure that earthmover tires are repaired to the industry’s highest standards, leveraging the Michelin and Tech International relationship.  Tech International will provide its industry leading repair products and procedures, and Michelin will monitor and track repairs for the benefit of the end user.”

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