Posted on November 02, 2012

MICHELIN AIR X® Original Equipment on Gulfstream G280


Radial tire on newest super mid-size business jet

GREENVILLE, S.C. (October 30, 2012)Michelin Aircraft Tire has announced it will be providing a MICHELIN ® AIR X ® radial tire fitment for Gulfstream’s newest super mid-size business jet, the G280.  The announcement was made during the National Business Aviation Association’s Annual Meeting & Convention being held at the Orlando County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida October 30 through November 1, 2012.  The G280 aircraft has received certification from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel.       

“Michelin is proud to be the tire of choice on the new G280,” said Bob Pointon, Michelin Aircraft Tire Company’s Director of Original Equipment. “Michelin is committed to providing innovation and safety. Our radial tires are designed to provide a long tire life and exceptional performance.”  

As innovation leaders, Michelin introduced the world’s first radial aircraft tire in 1981.  Michelin is a trusted partner for original equipment manufacturers and equips over half of all new general aviation aircraft.   The MICHELIN ® Air X ® is offered in more radial sizes than all other aircraft tire brands combined, including 12 sizes for business jets. 

The MICHELIN ® Air X ® provides the advantages of more landings per tread, improved cut resistance and measurable fuel savings, versus bias-ply technology. The radial tire offers a 20-30%  weight reduction over comparable bias tires, an extra strong carcass to restrict tire growth, an optimized tread design for cut resistance, customized rubber compounds for ozone and ultraviolet light protection and a flexible casing for smooth taxiing, takeoffs and landings for passenger comfort.


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