Our Vision

Michelin is committed to living in harmony with local communities throughout North America to create a better way forward through increased mobility and sustainability. As part of Michelin's All Sustainable Approach between People, Profit and Planet, Michelin North America has a long tradition of social commitment to programs and activities that strengthen our ties with the communities where we live and work by contributing to the vitality of the region and encouraging employees to get involved. 

We achieve this by committing to the following:  

  • Deploy a local community engagement program in every plant
  • Encourage employee involvement in communities where we live and work
  • Contribute to local employment through educational and workforce development programs
  • Reinforce road safety, with a strong focus on driver tire education
  • Promote sustainable mobility

Michelin's Signature Program Focused on Education
Michelin Challenge Education

This year, Michelin North America celebrates 10 years since the launch of its signature education program, Michelin Challenge Education. Michelin Challenge Education provides support to public Title 1 elementary schools in the forms of tutors, mentors, lunch buddies and financial contributions.

The goal of the program is to provide much-needed human capital that will positively impact the lives of disadvantaged children. Since its launch in 2009, the program is part of 23 schools in North America where more than 500 employee volunteers visit weekly. Further, Michelin has donated more than 150,000 books to local elementary schools over the past ten years.

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Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Night

Since its inception, the Greenville Drive and its partner goal of AM&E Night is to build awareness and "ignite the passion" with students, parents and guidance counselors across Upstate South Carolina about the unique work experiences and excciting career opportunities available in the rapidly changing world of advanced manufacturing and engineering. Students and all event attendees are able to visit highly engaging exhibits on the stadium concourse, while the region's largest companies demonstrate the creative application of technology to the manufacturing process. 


Urban League - MLK Scholarships

Urban League - MLK Scholarships continue to give Greenville citizens an opportunity to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., while celebrating the diversity of the community in which we live.  Each year Michelin awards two $5,000 scholarships to local, deserving youth.


Michelin Tech Scholars Program

The Michelin Technical Scholars program allows currently enrolled technical school students to co-op with Michelin in its facilities so they can experience the real world application of their studies. Michelin pays for their books and tuition, and the scholars are paid to work 20 hours a week with Michelin technicians. Upon successful completion of their education, Michelin Technical Scholars are often hired into the company for a full-time position with a starting annual salary of around $66,000. This program combines Michelin’s commitment to diversity (women and minorities are a focus) with the effort to consistently fill the company’s employment pipeline with talented individuals.

Learn more about Michelin Technical Scholars program at participating techncial colleges: Greenville Tech, Midlands Tech, TriCounty Tech and Spartanburg Community College.



Reading Allstars Program in Partnership with the Greenville Drive

The Greenville Drive Reading All-Stars Program, sponsored by Michelin, N.A., is a proven reading incentive program designed to promote reading enjoyment and academic success among youth through the excitement and appeal of professional sports. Since the program was launched in 2008 over 90,000 students have qualified across three school districts and two library systems.


Michelin Partners with Harvest Hope

Michelin volunteers are proud to partner with Harvest Hope and help keep the number of paid staff members to a minimum, allowing more money to go towards the mission of transforming lives in the communities they serve by feeding the hungry, addressing food insecurity and building a healthy and hopeful hunger-free tomorrow.  Harvest Hope provides over 20 million meals across our service area each year by rescuing, packing, transporting, and delivering nutritious food to soup kitchens, shelters, food pantries, and schools in twenty counties in South Carolina.


Michelin Has Been Committed to the United Way for More Than 15 Years
United Way

Michelin and the United Way share the common goal of making a positive impact on local communities. Like Michelin, the United Way is an international operation but a majority of its efforts are focused on supporting local charities. United Way’s goals include improving education, financial stability and promoting healthy lives.

Michelin’s employees throughout North America established a new company-best for United Way giving during the 2011 campaign.


Special Olympics

Michelin and Special Olympics first came together nearly 25 years ago in an effort to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Michelin’s support has grown significantly over the years and now includes the Annual Torch Run in Nova Scotia and Annual Spring Games in Greenville County, South Carolina engaging more than 400 Michelin employees across North America. 



Michelin Junior Bike

Michelin Junior Bike events promote bicycle and helmet safety for young bike riders in Canada. Sponsored by Michelin North America (Canada) Inc., nearly 900 children participate on two-wheels, training wheels and even tricycles each year. Each child is fitted for a new complimentary bike helmet.


Bib's World Exhibit at The Children's Museum of the Upstate

The Children's Museum of the Upstate (TCMU), a leader in innovative family activities and dynamic learning, is pleased to announce a new permanent outdoor exhibit, “Bib’s World."


Bib’s World is a gift from the Michelin Corporate Foundation, and named after Bibendum, a symbol of the Michelin tire company that is commonly referred to as the Michelin Man. The exhibit will feature various play structures made from tires and other sustainable materials, multi-cultural elements including interactive pathways with maps and signs, a two-story futuristic interactive city scape, and a wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round for children with special needs.  Bib's World is an outdoor exhibit in the back of the Museum grounds, and will be accessible through a new gallery on the first floor.






Michelin Employees Participate in March of Dimes Walk

From a global standpoint, the entire Michelin organization has a demonstrated and direct commitment to the well-being and development of its employees and to live in harmony with the local communities.  From company-wide volunteers who support the March of Dimes to teams of employees cleaning up a local landfill to be used as wildlife refuge, Michelin’s commitment to acting responsibly extends far beyond dollar values.  

Michelin employees contributed over 675 hours of service to the March of Dimes. Over the years, Michelin facilities across North America have organized 5k walks, charitable golf tournaments, and autocross races to support the March of Dimes.


Michelin Green at Unity Park

The Michelin Corporate Foundation donated $1 million to protect and restore a span of the Reedy River that runs through Greenville's Unity Park. As a global company committed to improving mobility for all, this investment supports Michelin's purpose to provide a better way forward for the communities and employees where it operates. The donation went toward the restoration of the half-mile section of the Reedy River that bisects Unity Park. The nine-acre greenspace along its banks has been named the Michelin Green. It serves as Unity Park's gathering place and lawn seating for the park's outdoor stage. 


Michelin's Keystone Environmental Program
Partnership with Yellowstone National Park Foundation

Michelin has been a partner to Yellowstone National Park since 2008 and has helped to reduce Yellowstone’s carbon footprint, saving more than $300k each year by equipping its fleet of more than 800 vehicles with tires, providing engineer and training support, and forming dealer partnerships for retreading tires.


Yellowstone "Old Faithful" Pathway Build

As a Yellowstone Park Foundation partner, Michelin is proud to provide funding for the a pathway and give our employees the opportunity to participate in the renovation effort.

Michelin North America held a contest in which we gave our employees from the U.S., Canada and Mexico a chance to spend a week at Yellowstone to work on an innovative new pathway to help be a part of this partnership and also experience the beauty of one of America’s great national treasures.

We had more than 2,200 employees enter the contest and the 10 winners were selected at random and are here today ready to get to work on the new FlexiPave that will recycle used Michelin tires from Yellowstone.


Michelin Provides 100K in Environmental Stewardship Grants

Michelin has improved its overall environmental efficiency by one-third over the past six years. From the choice of materials to tire architecture to manufacturing processes and services, Michelin is deeply committed to safeguarding the natural environment. Respect for the Environment is one of the company’s core values 

Michelin awards $100,000 in environmental stewardship grants yearly with the primary purpose of the project must be to provide an environmental benefit, to improve public or community relations.  



Beyond the Driving Test

Beyond the Driving Test is Michelin’s signature corporate social responsibility program, developed in partnership with Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). Now in its seventh year, Beyond The Driving Test is one of the most awarded PR programs, with more than 15 industry leading awards. The program was designed to improve critical tire safety education among teens and novice drivers. At its inception in 2014, only two U.S. states included tire safety education in drivers ed materials. Michelin secured commitments to address this issue from all 50 states and the District of Columbia in 2017. To date, 40 states and the District of Columbia have already begun teaching tire safety training in their new driver training programs.  For more on Beyond the Driving Test, go to