Posted on March 01, 2024

New MICHELIN ENDURO Racing Lines: Wilder than ever!

  • Michelin has renewed its Wild Enduro Racing Line range and introduced new E-Wild Racing Line tires for E-MTB riders.

GREENVILLE, S.C., March 1, 2024 Building on the experience it has acquired on the challenging tracks and trails visited by the UCI Mountain Bike Enduro, E-Enduro and E-MTB Cross Country World Cups, and the mountain bike community, Michelin has upgraded its tire ranges for these immensely popular disciplines.

"These two new tires are a welcome addition to the growing e-MTB racing community, improving on the Wild Enduro and DH tires that are trusted by some of the greatest athletes in the world," says Richard Kornacki, director of sales for recreational brands at Michelin North America. "Not only did we enhance the performance, we also reduced the weight of the tires, which helps racers go faster and take on the track at the highest level."

Not only are the tires that make up the new Michelin Wild Enduro Racing Line range lighter and faster[1], but they also provide enhanced grip in cold weather[2]. A choice of three different new tread patterns makes the Wild Enduro Racing Line range even more versatile to cover all conditions.

The new Michelin E-Wild Racing Line range makes E-mountain bike riding more fun than ever thanks to technologies that facilitate the transmission of power to the ground during technical climbs, while maximizing grip when descending.

The Michelin MTB Racing Line tires are engineered to satisfy the sport's most demanding riders, who are looking to win races or want to improve on a personal level.

New Wild Enduro Racing Line range: strong performance

Developed with Enduro World Cup competitors in mind, the new Michelin Wild Enduro Racing Line range enhances the dynamic performance because of its lighter casing technology with the acclaimed resilience of its predecessor[3].

To obtain these seemingly opposing qualities (lightweight yet strong), Michelin engineers have created a new dual-ply, 55TPI construction that helps to minimize flexion movement for superior stability when cornering and landing after jumps. At the same time, the casing comes with added protection for extra puncture resistance.

The new Michelin Wild Enduro Racing Line range also benefits from the latest Michelin Magi-X compound technology for enhanced grip in damp, cold conditions (3°C to 10°C)3.

Compared with its predecessor, the new Michelin Wild Enduro Racing Line range delivers a power-gain of 11 watts, while also yielding a 10% weight reduction[4].

The range features a choice of two tread patterns designed for superior performance over the different types of terrain enduro riders encounter.

The Michelin Wild Enduro MS (Mixed Soft) tire excels on different types of soft ground, while the Michelin Wild Enduro MH (Mixed Hard) tire is at its best on harder terrain. Both options can be used as a front or rear tire in the application.

Meanwhile, the revised tread pattern of its specific Michelin Wild Enduro Rear Racing Line addresses riders looking for optimum efficiency.

All the tires that make up the new Michelin Wild Enduro Racing Line range are available with either Blue-and-Yellow or Dark sidewall markings, depending on the look preferred by the rider.

Michelin Wild Enduro MS Racing Line sizes: 29x2.40 and 27.5x2.40.

Michelin Wild Enduro MH Racing Line sizes: 29x2.50 and 27.5x2.50.

Michelin Wild Enduro Rear Racing Line (specific rear tire): 29x2.40.

The Michelin E-Wild Racing Line: The newest Michelin bespoke tire for EAMTBs 

Michelin is proud to announce its latest bespoke high-performance tire for electrically assisted mountain bikes (EAMTBs). Conceived for use in extreme conditions and designed to perform on a wide variety of surfaces, the Michelin E-Wild Racing Line is packed with technology. It includes a specific dual-ply 55TPI casing that is designed to minimize movement for superior stability when cornering or landing after a jump, whatever the type of terrain.

The tread is further reinforced by two woven nylon protective strips that reduce the risk of puncturing and pinching. The sidewalls are similarly strengthened by additional protection.

The tread itself is designed for maximum grip, even in cold weather (3°C to 10°C)3, thanks to the latest Michelin Magi-X compound technology.

The pattern of the Michelin E-Wild Rear tire (width: 2.60 inches) features asymmetric tread blocks that help transmit the power more efficiently on steep, technical climbs.

The profile of the Michelin E-Wild Front tire, which takes its inspiration from that of the Michelin Wild Enduro MS tire, is designed to provide riders the ability to maximize their potential when descending thanks to its outstanding grip performance under braking and while cornering.

Michelin E-Wild Front Racing Line sizes: 29x2.40 and 29x2.60.

Michelin E-Wild Rear Racing Line sizes: 29x2.60 and 27.5x2.60.

The new Michelin tires will be available to retailers through North American authorized distributors starting March 1, 2024.

Photos available on the Michelin Content Center:

Michelin E-Wild Racing Line

Michelin Wild Enduro Racing Line


[1] Compared with the previous-generation Michelin Wild Enduro Front Racing Line range (tire size used for the test: 29x2.40).

[2] Improvement recorded up to 3°C.

[3] In-house test carried out by professional Michelin Pro Riders comparing the previous Michelin Wild Enduro Front Racing Line range with the new Michelin Wild Enduro MS and MH Racing Line tires on wet ground, with an outside temperature of between 3°C and 10°C.

[4] Rolling resistance test and pinch-and-puncture test (using 1mm- and 3mm-diameter needles) carried out by Wheel Energy in May 2023. Results compared with the previous Michelin Wild Enduro Racing Line range. All tests undertaken with tires inflated to 1.5 Bar.


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