Posted on August 31, 2015

Michelin Quest for Adventure Geocaching Contest Wins Award from PR Daily


PRDigital15_W_contestGame_Michelin.jpgFor showing spirit and imagination in its “Michelin Quest for Adventure: 125th Anniversary Geocaching Contest” in 2014, Michelin has won first place in the Best Contest/Game category of PR Daily’s 2015 Digital and Social Media Awards.

Michelin’s four goals for this contest were:

  • Attract a new kind of consumer—the outdoor adventurer
  • Reach 1,000,000 people combined on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram within 4 months
  • Get at least 200 entries in the photo part of the contest from all social media channels
  • Spread the message that “Michelin goes with you on every adventure”

Michelin enrolled bloggers and online influencers in the geocaching community and partnered with Geocaching HQ to place 2,000 Michelin Man tire gauges in hidden locations across the U.S.

Within five minutes of the contest website going live, every Michelin trackable tire gauge had been requested—a record for a branded promotion done through Geocaching HQ.

Michelin chose the top 10 travel photos, posted them on its Facebook page, and asked fans to vote for the winner. More than 11,000 fans voted. That was just one of the remarkable results:

  • Michelin received more than 1,000 social media mentions
  • News of the contest reached more than two million people
  • Contestants sent 1,000+ photos of their travels with the Michelin Man; the goal was 200
  • Michelin’s social communities grew hugely during the contest: Facebook by 7.5 percent, Twitter by 23 percent, and Instagram by 107 percent
  • Contestant photos showed the message pull-through: The Michelin Man flew in the clouds, dived deep in the ocean, even sailed on a cruise ship
  • Contest pictures still get shared on social media forum posts discussing where the Michelin Man is

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