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MICHELIN launches new Power Adventure Bicycle tire, offering high-performance on and beyond the road

  • Michelin Power Adventure is aimed at cyclists who spend 80% of their time on roads and 20% on gravel or dirt, thanks to a hybrid tread design
  • Michelin Power Adventure tire combines high performance and aesthetics, available in two colors to best match your bicycle

GREENVILLE, S.C., June 1, 2023 – At a time when gravel bikes are becoming increasingly versatile, Michelin is meeting cyclists’ expectations and is offering a new product for 2023: the Michelin Power Adventure tire.

Complementing the Michelin Power range, this tire is aimed at people in search of adventure who want low rolling resistance and excellent grip.

“Adding the Michelin Power Adventure tire to the U.S. market enhances our gravel offering to a new consumer,” said Richard Kornacki, director of two wheel for Michelin North America, Inc. “Enabling cyclists the freedom to ride from road to gravel along their journey fits our drive to improve mobility for everybody.”

Introduced as the Power range’s second gravel tire, the Michelin Power Adventure stands out from the Michelin Power Gravel tire thanks to its tread pattern, which is designed to offer high-performance on asphalt while offering good grip on gravel. This tire is perfect for gravel riders, and more generally for bikepacking[1], trekking[2] and urban commuting.[3]

Combining high performance and aesthetics, the Michelin Power Adventure features small shoulder blocks and a smooth center tread pattern, enabling cyclists to ride on asphalt, dirt and gravel, however their destination unfolds. As the notched shoulder tread is suited for unpaved exploration, the slick, central block allows cyclists to build up speed, while offering maximum grip on asphalt. The tire is available in two different sidewall colors (black or classic), which can match and enhance your bike.

The new exclusive rubber compound, Michelin Gum-X Technology, optimizes grip on dry and wet surfaces for added security and better performance on roads. Michelin Power Adventure also benefits from a lightweight 3x100 TPI construction with “BEAD 2 BEAD” technology, which is an additional protective layer surrounding the entire carcass.

Available in a tubeless ready version, the Michelin Power Adventure is available in the U.S. starting June 1, with a broad selection of sizes. To find out more information, please visit michelinman.com. 


[1] Bikepacking is the minimalist version of bicycle touring, in which the cyclist only carries the minimum necessary.

[2] Trekking or trail biking.

[3] Urban commuting or cycling in the city.

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