Posted by Christian Fisher on January 31, 2023

Michelin Survey Reveals Consumer Excitement, Needs to Enable EV Revolution

  • Roughly one-quarter (27%) of Americans with traditional vehicles will consider EV purchase for next car
  • Affordability (58%) and range anxiety (42%) remain top areas of concern for traditional vehicle owners
  • 5 in 6 (83%) American drivers[1] unsure what type of tire an EV needs, including half (52%) of current EV owners


GREENVILLE, S.C., Jan. 31 2023 – As the EV revolution accelerates through the U.S., a recent survey from Michelin[2] shows concerns over the unknown remain an obstacle for many Americans, even EV owners.

“For 130 years, Michelin has been obsessed with mobility that maximizes the customer experience,” said Alexis Garcin, president and CEO of Michelin North America, Inc. “We are passionate about innovation, and that has positioned us to accelerate the EV transformation. Our research and development teams continue to launch new technologies that improve rolling resistance, maximizing performance and minimizing the environmental impact of mobility.”

According to the Global EV Outlook 2022 report, sales of electric vehicles could represent 50% of the market by 2030. However, Michelin found that affordability (59%), range anxiety (43%), and a home charging setup (37%) remain top areas of concern for traditional vehicle owners. Still, two-thirds of EV owners agree (67%) driving performance is better with EVs over traditional vehicles, and 82% are likely to consider buying another EV as their next vehicle.

While EVs may feel new and unknown for consumers, Michelin has been anticipating and preparing for the EV transformation for more than 40 years. To accelerate the transition, consumers will have to reset their view of tires. No longer just one of many vehicle features; they are now the most important range extending feature of an EV. Michelin sees an opportunity to help consumers on this journey. Confidence in tire performance, including the ability to drive in all types of weather with an EV, is a top priority among U.S. drivers (35%). Yet most are unsure of what tire an EV needs (83%).


  • If longevity is the primary concern, look for tires with significant wear performance like the MICHELIN® Defender®2 tire.
  • Knowing that quieter EV engines highlight tire noise on uneven or rough road surfaces, EV-specific tires like the MICHELIN® Pilot® Sport EV often come with acoustic dampening foam or other advanced technology designed to help reduce noise.
  • Lastly, EV-specific tires like the MICHELIN® Pilot® Sport EV are designed for summer wet and dry conditions that respond to the instant torque of EVs and deliver the ultra-high performance EVs are known for. Drivers with summer tires who are concerned with all-season performances would best be served by an all-season offering like the MICHELIN® Pilot® Sport All-Season 4 tire, which delivers elevated performance across climates. 


As automakers create more EV models, Michelin is committed to leading the charge in optimizing tire performance for all EVs. To find out why 8 out of 10 EV manufacturers use Michelin tires, please visit: https://www.michelinman.com/auto/electric-vehicle-tires

[1] Drivers are defined as vehicle owners and lessees for this survey.

[2] Methodology: All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc.  Total sample size was 1,171 adults, among whom 957 own or lease a vehicle. Fieldwork was undertaken between Sept. 30th, 2022, and Oct. 3rd, 2022. The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all US adults, aged 18 years and older.



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