Posted on October 02, 2014

MICHELIN® X-ICE® Xi3™ Rated Best Winter Tire by Protégez-Vous Magazine

Based on Consumer Reports’ testing results, consumer magazine determines Michelin tires perform best in Canadian winters

LAVAL, QUEBEC (October 2, 2014) – Michelin Canada is proud to announce that its tires have received top marks in the annual ranking of winter tires by consumer magazine Protégez-Vous. This year, the prestigious list, compiled following Consumer Reports’ rigorous lab and road tests, is led by Michelin tires in the three categories: tires recommended for passenger cars (X-Ice® Xi3™ and X-Ice® Xi2™), tires recommended for sport utility vehicles (Latitude® X-Ice® Xi2™) and, tires recommended for high-performance vehicles (Pilot® Alpin® PA4™).

In collaboration with Consumer Reports, 33 sets of winter tires were evaluated based on deep snow traction, braking on ice, as well as on wet and dry surfaces, drivability, hydroplaning, ride comfort, noise and fuel efficiency.

Among the best products evaluated was Michelin’s leading winter tire, the X-Ice® Xi3™, which, winter after winter, offers increased protection in some of the harshest winter conditions as well as enhanced performance in terms of safety. The professionals at Protégez-Vous recommend the X-Ice® Xi3™ for both city and country driving. Not only was the X-Ice® Xi3™ found to have very good braking ability on ice, its traction in deep snow scored highest of all of the tires tested.

“We are very proud of how our tires performed in the Protégez-Vous rankings,” affirmed Cécile D'Ittièle, Winter Category Manager, Michelin North America (Canada). “This recognition from experts is a testament to the quality of Michelin tires and to their unparalleled ability to adapt to winter driving conditions in Canada, from blizzards to extreme cold.”

Michelin Canada invites Canadian consumers to take note of the Protégez-Vous findings when choosing their tires this year. Whether for passenger cars, SUVs or high-performance vehicles, Michelin offers the top performing tires on the market. Designed to handle the toughest driving conditions in the world, including the snow-covered and icy roads of Canada, Michelin winter tires help get you to your destination safely.

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