Posted on January 22, 2015

Michelin Wider PRO4 ENDURANCE Road Tire Hits Market


Greenville, S.C. (Jan 20, 2015) – In response to bike riders increased demands for performance and protection, Michelin has armed its distribution network with the MICHELIN PRO4 Endurance road racing tire in a 700x28mm size. The tire provides a wider contact patch ideal for a wide range of bicycles and riding conditions. The MICHELIN PRO4 Endurance 28mm also offers enhanced protection against punctures and a dual compound tread for long wear and excellent cornering grip.

 The 700x28 mm PRO4 Endurance tire is available in North America through Michelin’s distribution network, which includes Quality Bicycle Products and Hawley.

 “We know that a larger contact patch to provide a more comfortable ride and protection against punctures while not sacrificing performance is important to riders,” said Yohann Leblanc, sales and marketing manager, Michelin North America Bicycle. “The PRO4 is one of our most popular road tires and this 28mm tire hits the sweet spot for today’s rider demands.”

The 700x28mm PRO 4 Endurance is part of the growing contingent of wider, more durable road tires that are gaining popularity in the market. Through internal surveys, Michelin found that for 76% of users, a key requirement for their tire, is protection against punctures in these mass-start, semi-competitive rides, while competitive racing enthusiasts also look for impeccable grip on wet roads.

 To meet those demands, Michelin added a reinforcing layer that increases puncture resistance by 40%** and contributes to the tire’s superior endurance. Simultaneously, Michelin’s Bi-Compound tread was specially developed to provide exceptional wear resistance while also improving grip on corners. Thanks to these features the 700x28 PRO4 Endurance tire perfectly meets the main requirements of riders and racers, delivering outstanding performances in these specific areas.

 The 700x28 mm PRO4 Endurance continues to gain popularity among experienced riders. " I had the chance to use the new Michelin 700X28C Pro4 Endurance during our 2014 Gran Fondo, I would recommend this tire to anyone planning to ride a Gran Fondo or Century this year. It provides the greatest ride comfort and all-around protection against puncture," said George Hincapie, champion road racer and head of Hincapie Sportswear.

Product development has always been a priority for Michelin and this is reflected in the Group’s premium positioning. Over 1.5 million tires in the MICHELIN PRO4 range have already been sold worldwide since it launched three years ago.

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