Posted on February 07, 2011

Michelin Launches Michelin® Commercial Service Network™ For Truck Fleets

New franchise network will help fleets maximize uptime, ensure consistent level of quality service across the country

GREENVILLE, S.C. (Feb. 7, 2011) Michelin Americas Truck Tires (MATT) is introducing the MICHELIN® Commercial Service Network, a franchise network of commercial tire dealers committed to establishing a new standard for consistent, high-quality service across the U.S. The Network will offer a comprehensive service package including road service, online operating manuals and online fleet reporting. Fleets will receive consistent service from Network dealers with highly trained technicians, professional equipment, and casing management, all ensured by rigorous certification and audit standards.

"Now, more than ever, it is imperative for trucking fleets to maximize their uptime to meet the demands of their customers," said François Corbin, chief operating officer, Michelin Americas Truck Tires. "The MICHELIN Commercial Service Network is a breakthrough in the tire industry. By ensuring consistent, high-quality service nationwide for fleets, we can help fleets reduce operating expenses and manage their assets."

To serve fleets on the road, Network dealers will provide consistent supply of new tires and retreads, 24/7/365 service, and highly trained service technicians. After hours road service will be coordinated through a centralized dispatch system with no dispatch fee for national account fleets. Fleets can track their ERS activity through state of the art online reporting on individual ERS events and a comprehensive fleet ERS analysis.

To raise service consistency to a new level, fleets can receive a customized online service manual that gives visibility of the fleet's specifications and requirements to both the servicing network and the fleet's terminals. The online service manual provides seamless notification of changes across fleet terminals and the entire MICHELIN Commercial Service Network of dealers. Finger tip access of vital service information helps improve the consistency of the service and decreases fleet down time.

To help fleets in managing assets and reducing costs, the MICHELIN Commercial Service Network offers fleet managers powerful online reporting tools. Easy-to-use dashboard reporting helps track everything from purchases to scrap tires while providing visibility that enables fleet managers to monitor and help reduce operational tire costs. Fleets can spend less time gathering and analyzing data and more time making decisions. Fleets will receive robust data as the entire servicing network is integrated into this online reporting system.

The MICHELIN Commercial Service Network also boasts a full catalog of web based training to help fleets stay up to date on maintenance standards and safety practices with courses developed by Michelin. The web based training includes a wide selection of general business courses. "Our network provides highly trained technicians, service standards, casing management, and online tools that meet Michelin's high standards," said Bill Guzick, vice president of business development, Michelin Americas Truck Tires. "We are confident that the MICHELIN Commercial Service Network provides fleets with the ultimate service and information package that will help drive operational savings."


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