Posted on September 25, 2012

Michelin Introduces XMINE D2 Multi-Purpose Earthmover Tires

LAS VEGAS (September 25, 2012) – Today at MINExpo in Las Vegas, Michelin introduced a new multipurpose underground mining tire called the XMine D2.  The XMine D2 is a multipurpose tire used in underground mining or heavy duty extraction operations and low-speed transport in difficult conditions.

In 2012, the MICHELIN XMine D2 integrated B2 technology, which has made it safer and longer lasting.  The load capacity has also increased to two stars.  

Thanks to these features, the new MICHELIN XMine D2 responds even more effectively to the needs of mining industry companies, for whom productivity, safety and reliability are essential. That’s also why the load capacity of the MICHELIN XMine D2 was increased to two stars. When a tire’s rating is raised from one to two stars, this means that its load capacity has increased by up to 24%[1]. In the case of the 35/65R33 XMine D2, the second star indicates that its load capacity has increased from 23,000 to 28,000 kilograms per loader axle[2].

The new MICHELIN XMine D2 is designed for today’s increasingly powerful loaders.

The new MICHELIN XMine D2 with B² technology is available in the following sizes:

  • 26.5 R 25
  • 29.5 R 25
  • 29.5 R 29
  • 35/65 R 33

Additionally, the smooth declination of the MICHELIN XMINE D2, the MICHELIN XSMD2+, is also available with B2 technology for 26.5 R 25 and 29.5 R 29 dimensions.

The new MICHELIN XMine D2 displays new sidewall graphics and markings that are simpler and easier to understand.

Michelin’s proprietary B2 technology strengthens the bead area, providing greater endurance and longevity under heavy loads and high-torque conditions. 

Offered exclusively by Michelin, B2 technology provides the tire’s bead wires with an unparalleled level of protection. This has enabled the development of more powerful machines that push both the machine and tire to the limit, as they strive to get the most out of their equipment.

B2 technology eliminates the problems of tires shifting on the rim. This in turn means that the engine torque is transmitted more directly to the ground. Traction and productivity have both been optimized while energy consumption and CO2 emissions have been lowered. Moreover, the tire does not experience shearing on the rim, which could shorten the life of the tire and require a replacement even though the tread is not fully worn.

Michelin’s proprietary B2 technology enables up to 20% additional engine torque to be transmitted to the ground and potentially doubling the tire’s life[3]. This heightened longevity naturally has a powerful effect on the environment by reducing the amount of raw materials used upstream as well as the quantities of material that must be recycled downstream.

Tires integrating Michelin’s B2 technology can be mounted on standard rims using a traditional mounting protocol.

[1] Depending on tire size.

[2] In-house Michelin data, for a size 35/65 R 33 MICHELIN XMine D2 tire.

[3] In-house Michelin data, compared with a tire made using conventional technology. Results may differ significantly depending on tire size and application.

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