Posted on March 09, 2015

Michelin Introduces Tire Tube Line For Agricultural and Compact Line Equipment

Greenville, S.C. (March 5, 2015) – Michelin North America is introducing a lineup of high-quality tire tubes for agricultural, implement and compact line equipment. Michelin Tubes, designed to fit all tires are made of 100 percent butyl rubber in a seamless design that can prevent splitting or puncture after installation.

“This seamless construction is unique to the Michelin Tubes and is just one way the product helps ensure peace of mind after installation,” said James Crouch, farm and compact segment market manager for Michelin North America.

Many farmers fill their tubes with fluid to increase equipment weight in order to minimize slip and ultimately gain traction. Adding ballast to a tractor allows farmers to customize the weight of their machines, depending on the application, which in turn allows them to maximize the tractor’s horsepower. However, some of the liquid ballast used by farmers can be corrosive to the tire, and, as a result, may leak into the wheel.

Crouch said the butyl rubber construction of the Michelin Tubes provides an airtight seal to defend against the numerous corrosive liquid ballast options available on the market today. With a lower quality tube, there is a risk of these chemicals leaking out into the air chamber of the tire and damaging the wheel.

In addition, he said, the tubes can help extend the life of farm tires. If a tire is punctured or otherwise damaged during the season, a tube can be installed as a temporary measure until the tire can be replaced.

Minimizing construction downtime

The butyl rubber construction of the Michelin Tubes provides added durability to protect against punctures to minimize downtime. “The new Michelin Tubes are constructed of the same material as the inner liner of the Michelin agriculture tire,” Crouch said. “Adding a Michelin Tube to a tire ultimately recreates the airtight durability users have come to expect from the Michelin product.”

Michelin Tubes will fit up to nearly 200 different tire sizes for all types of agricultural, implement and compact line tire dealers throughout North America. Visit for more information.

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