Posted on March 20, 2015

Michelin Introduces Pilot® Sport GT Race Tire for Radical SR3 and SR8 Sports Prototypes


About The Tire: Michelin has added a Pilot® Sport GT customer racing tire size to fit the popular United Kingdom-built Radical SR3 and SR8 sports racers. The tire helps Michelin round out its line of popular customer racing slicks. The tire is being launched just in time for the Radical gathering at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club March 26-28. “The Pilot Sport GT combines a high level of peak grip and good wear with excellent predictability and progressivity, making it well suited to broad range of driver and vehicle performance capabilities within the radical racing series,” said Ken Payne, motorsports technical director, Michelin North America.

Sizes:    Front Tire: 18/56-15 S9L Michelin Pilot Sport GT (MSPN 90346)

Rear Tire: 23/61-16 S9L Michelin Pilot Sport GT (MSPN 30740)


  • Recommended Vehicle Static Camber: Front camber: -3.0 to -3.5˚; Rear camber: -2 to -2.5˚
  • Recommended hot pressure:5 psi (1.9 bar) front and rear
  • Physical Dimensions: Very similar to the previous tire for overall width and diameter.
    • Front Tire Overall Diameter 584 mm
    • Rear Tire Overall Diameter 616 mm
  • Radial Spring Rate: Front: very slightly stiffer than the previous tire (~3%); Rear: slightly softer than previous tire (~7%).
  • Operating temperatures: Optimum range is 170-210˚ F verified by a needle type pyrometer. The tire has a very broad window and will provide consistent grip on either side of this range. It is not a tire that will “switch on” at a particular tire temperature.
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