Posted on April 08, 2013

Michelin and FAA Introduce Tire Safety Training


Tire maintenance overview and tips offered at

Greenville, S.C. (April 8, 2013) – Michelin North America and the Federal Aviation Administration Safety Program (FAASTeam) have partnered to offer pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs) an online tire maintenance course The Impact of Tire Maintenance on Aircraft Safety. The course is available for free at  

“Tire maintenance can often be overlooked in aviation and this course will help reinforce this very important part of aviation safety,” said Brad Beall, zone director North & South America, Michelin Aircraft Tire Company. “We have worked very closely with the FAASTeam to assemble a program that is both engaging and informative. We want people to come away with a renewed sense of the importance of vigilant tire maintenance.” is the primary training website for pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians and offers FAA incentive credits to those taking the training courses, which cover a wide range of topics.  Many of the training courses address key safety issues in the industry with the intent to educate and prevent further incidents. 

The training helps expose pilots and AMTs to the possible consequences of inadequate tire inflation pressure and the damages caused by Foreign Object Debris (FOD). Following the course, which is narrated by a Michelin customer support engineer, online participants will take a test to ensure they retain key points from the training.

A special live version of the training will be presented by Michelin’s Keat Pruzsenski on April 10 and 12 at the 39th Annual SUN‘N FUN International Fly-In & Expo in Lakeland, Fla.

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