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Posted on June 17, 2014

Michelin Continues 30-Year Partnership with the Fifth Generation BMW M3


2015 BMW M3 / M4 wearing MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport Tires at Road America

GREENVILLE, S.C. (June 17, 2014) - BMW has chosen Michelin as the exclusive tire provider on its new M3 and M4, keeping alive a continuous string of Michelin fitments on the M3 since its introduction nearly 30 years ago.  Maintaining its very exacting performance standards, BMW selected the MICHELIN® Pilot® Super Sport tire for its 2015 BMW M3 and M4.

First introduced in 1985, the 2015 M3 represents the fifth generation of the iconic sportscar; Michelin has been chosen by BMW to develop tires for every generation since.  The Pilot Super Sport ensures that the BMW M3 and M4 provides the precise steering  and feeling that drivers demand, both on road and on track.

“This is an incredible car and tire combination that delivers real racecar levels of performance, an engaging connection to the driving experience and still offers a comfortable  ride as your daily driver,” said Oscar Pereda, director of ultra-high performance, Michelin North America.

The depth of the relationship between BMW M and Michelin is reflected by the evolution of the M3 and the evolution of the Michelin Pilot tire over the past 30 years From the Pilot SX MXX2 and MXX3, to the first Pilot Sport and PS2, and now the new Pilot Super Sport. Over that same time, BMW M and Michelin have jointly won championships in Formula 1, the 24 hours of Le Mans, the 24 hours of the Nurburgring. Today, BMW and Michelin are  currently leading the GT Le Mans class of the Tudor United SportsCar Championship.

Evolution of BMW M3 and Michelin Pilot Tires

Chassis Model              Years                       Michelin Tire

E30                                         1985-1991              Pilot® SX MXX2 and Pilot® SX MXX3

E36                                         1992-1999              Pilot® Sport

E46                                         2000-2006            Pilot® Sport PS2 and Pilot® Sport Cup

E9X                                        2007-2013             Pilot® Sport PS2 and Pilot® Sport Cup

F80                                        2014 -                        Pilot® Super Sport

For the tires that equip its vehicles, BMW is constantly seeking the right combination of sport performance, exceptional grip and the ability to be used every day, which implies a certain level of driving comfort and long-lasting tires.

Engineers from Michelin and BMW M GmbH worked together to develop the tire to optimize the vehicle both on the street and the track. This required nine joint test sessions at five tracks and more than 3,800 prototype tires before arriving at the perfect combination.

Tire Sizes For the M3 and M4:

255/40 ZR18 (95Y) TL Pilot Super Sport *

275/40 ZR18 (99Y) TL Pilot Super Sport *

255/35 ZR19 (92Y) TL Pilot Super Sport *

275/35 ZR19 (100Y) XLTL Pilot Super Sport *

*The star is a special marking displayed on Michelin tires to indicate that they were specifically designed for BMW vehicles.

For More Information Contact:

Brian Remsberg, Michelin North America – 864-458-5908 or brian.remsberg@us.michelin.com

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