Posted on July 08, 2011

Michelin Americas Truck Tires Unveils New Truck Tire for Refuse Applications


XZUS2® Tire for Urban and Refuse Uses, New Size for XZUS® Pre-Mold Retread

GREENVILLE, S.C. (July 8, 2011) – Michelin Americas Truck Tires (MATT) is introducing a next generation tire and a new retread size offering for refuse applications. The MICHELIN ® XZU®S2 tire delivers up to a 20 percent increase in removal miles over its predecessor the XZUS tire. The new XZUS 280 retread size completes the XZUS Pre-Mold retread line for the most commonly used sizes in refuse applications.

"Refuse trucks need tires that stand up to the rigors of the environment. These applications need extreme sidewall protection, scrub resistant treads, and maximum retreadability. The XZUS2 tire provides higher removal mileage, improved retreadability, and the protection to keep the vehicle up and running, even in the most difficult applications", said Ted Becker, vice president of marketing for Michelin Americas Truck Tires.

The XZUS2 tire featuring Co-Ex Technology provides a 20-percent increase in wear life, as compared with its predecessor, the MICHELIN XZU ®S tire. Co-Ex Technology combines a scrub-resistant compound for long tread life and a cool base tread compound to reduce temperatures in the crown area and preserve the casing. For application-specific protection, the tire features a robust shoulder design and protector ribs, as well as an optimized bead design which improves retreadability. The tire is available in a 315/80R22.5 size.

The latest size offering for the popular XZUS Pre-Mold Retread, the 280 tread size, extends the ability to maximize the tire lifecycle in refuse applications. The XZUS Pre-Mold retread line, including the new 280 size, also comes with Co-Ex Technology, which preserves casing life and optimizes removal mileage.

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