Posted on December 16, 2015

Michelin Engages Millions of People in Campaign to Share Best Safe Driving Advice


Collaboration with Katie Couric highlights critical issue during National Teen Driver Safety Week

GREENVILLE, S.C., Dec. 15, 2015A campaign by Michelin North America and Katie Couric, Yahoo global news anchor and New York Times bestselling author of The Best Advice I Ever Got, engaged  millions on the topic of safe driving during National Teen Driver Safety Week. As part of the #SharingSafety campaign, Couric shared her safe-driving story and advice in a video that has attracted 1.18 million views in just under two months. The campaign also engaged millions of people via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and prompted many to share their best advice on safe driving.

Encouraging safe-driving behaviors is particularly critical for America's youngest drivers. Car crashes remain the No. 1 killer of teens, with 2,614 teen drivers of passenger vehicles involved in fatal crashes in 2013, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

“We need to continue to promote a national conversation about the knowledge gaps in our teen drivers. Many teens, for example, don't know how to check tire pressure or understand the significance of the tire pressure warning light, despite the fact that about 12% of car crashes among inexperienced drivers can be attributed to tire related issues, such as insufficient tread or pressure,” says Pete Selleck, chairman and president of Michelin North America.

Michelin combined the best tips on safe driving from Couric, Michelin employees, automotive professionals and Facebook fans and shared these on its social media channels and website. The major advice themes include:

  • Keep the Numbers Down – Fewer people (occupants in car) means safer people (reduces crash risk)
  • Keep it Reasonable, Keep Them Safe – Turn down the music/radio volume in your car
  • Check Your Spare Tire Pressure – Ensure your backup is good to go
  • Before You Go, Check Your Tire Pressure
  • Know What Your Dash Lights Mean
  • Maintain a Safe Distance

“The best advice I received about safe driving came from my parents and my driver’s education teacher – advice that I have put to use many times,” comments Katie Couric. “If you know a young driver, share your best advice on safe driving. It could save a life.”

On behalf of Couric’s involvement in the #SharingSafety campaign, Michelin is making a $100,000 donation to Scholarship America. Scholarship America works with students, parents, colleges, businesses and communities to empower people to fulfill their college dreams. In 2014, thanks to a generous donation from Katie Couric and the proceeds from her book, The Best Advice I Ever Got, Scholarship America launched a unique national scholarship program, the Dream Award, focused on helping deserving college students pursue and complete their degree programs. Learn more about the program at www.scholarshipamerica.org.

The campaign is the latest step in Michelin's ongoing efforts to increase awareness of road safety. A 2014 study by Michelin found significant gaps in teen road readiness, including tire-related safety knowledge and skills. To close current safety gaps in the U.S. driver's education curriculum, Michelin launched the Beyond the Driving Test campaign. Learn more about tire maintenance and keeping young drivers safe on the road, including how to check tire tread and pressure, by visiting beyondthedrivingtest.com.

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