Posted on April 02, 2016

Michelin Advances Teen Road Safety Education at 2016 Lifesavers Conference


New Beyond the Driving Test website launches at ADTSEA tire safety workshop

LONG BEACH, Calif., April 2, 2016 — Michelin North America today launched the new ahead of the 2016 Lifesavers conference and FIA Formula E Long Beach ePrix, continuing its ongoing commitment to improving road safety and raising awareness among teens, parents, educators and lawmakers of the importance of tire safety education.  

Visit this link to experience the new Beyond the Driving Test campaign website.

Michelin unveiled the new online resource during a day-long tire safety workshop for California driving instructors and government officials hosted in association with Lifesavers and the American Driver Training and Safety Education Association (ADTSEA).  

“Michelin is committed to advancing road safety worldwide. In the U.S. we have created Beyond the Driving Test to focus on teen drivers, who continue to lose their lives at alarming rates on our nation’s roadways,” said Scott Clark, chief operating officer of Michelin North America’s passenger car and light truck tire division. “The new provides a highly engaging platform for sharing simple tire safety and maintenance tips that can help save teen lives.”

The redesigned website features tire safety content, animated short films and a collection of innovative videos from teen YouTube stars, Michelin experts, and Katie Couric, who supported Michelin for a teen road safety campaign in 2015. The user-friendly platform also includes free downloads of the ADTSEA tire safety curriculum.

Visit this link to download a copy of the ADTSEA tire safety curriculum.

“Michelin’s mission for is to connect young drivers, their parents, teachers and state lawmakers with the information and resources needed to reduce traffic fatalities due to tire safety and maintenance issues,” Clark said. “The Lifesavers conference is an ideal venue for Michelin to unveil this online resource that aims to make our roads safer for teen drivers.” 

In addition to the ADTSEA workshop, Michelin will present the Beyond the Driving Test campaign during a Lifesavers road safety panel discussion and will exhibit in the main conference hall at the Long Beach Conference Center April 35. This is Michelin’s second year as a sponsor of the Lifesavers conference.

Michelin launched Beyond the Driving Test in 2014 with the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) to improve road safety in the United States. In addition to educational outreach, Beyond the Driving Test also aims to ensure all 50 states and the District of Columbia include consistent tire safety information in their driver’s education materials by 2020.

In 2015, Michelin and ADTSEA published the first formalized tire safety curriculum in the United States as a component of ADTSEA’s national curriculum which has been delivered to driving instructors across the country. In addition to the Long Beach event at Lifesavers, Michelin and ADTSEA have provided free tire safety workshops for hundreds of driving instructors in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. The curriculum will also be delivered on April 910, in Honolulu to more than 100 driving instructors in conjunction with the state’s annual Operation Driver Excellence event.

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