Posted on March 21, 2013

Boss Truck Shops Join the MICHELIN® Commercial Service Network

Boss Truck Shops will provide industry-leading service and a consistent supply of MICHELIN® tires and select retread products

Greenville, S.C. (March 21, 2013)Michelin Americas Truck Tires a division of Michelin North America, Inc. today announced that Boss Truck Shops, Inc. will now offer industry-leading services to trucking fleets as part of the MICHELIN® Commercial Service Network. Boss Truck Shops will also carry select Michelin Retread Technologies (MRT) retread products. The network delivers reliable, high-quality service nationwide for trucking fleets at home or on the road with highly trained technicians and professional equipment, all ensured by rigorous certification and audit standards. Boss Truck Shops in the network will provide a consistent supply of new MICHELIN® tires and select retreads, including MICHELIN® X One® wide-based single tires and provide 24/7/365 emergency road service. 

“Boss Shop is a welcome addition to the MICHELIN Commercial Service Network and Michelin ONCall emergency road-service, bringing valuable service and product solutions to fleets and owner-operators over the road,” said Ted Becker, vice president of marketing for Michelin Americas Truck Tires Division. “Fleets now have access to additional locations across the country that use the same standards and tools to service commercial vehicles.”

The addition of Boss Truck Shops brings the MICHELIN® Commercial Service Network to more than 530 locations across the U.S. Through the network, Michelin also provides fleet customers with a comprehensive service package, including online reporting, electronic operating manuals, and a full catalog of web-based training on maintenance standards and practices.

“We are excited to be a part of the MICHELIN Commercial Services Network,” said Charlie Bosselman, president of Bosselman Companies and Boss Truck Shops, Inc. “ We have always had an excellent relationship with Michelin, so joining the network and adding the retread product offering at all of our 41 shops makes that partnership even stronger. We looked forward to being an integral part of the network.”

For the past 65 years, Boss has grown to be a nationwide presence in the trucking industry with41 Boss Truck Shops in 23 states, making Boss Truck Shops one of America’s largest service center chains. Boss Truck Shops’ customers will gain additional value with complete coast-to-coast warranty coverage and industry-leading standards of service.  Boss Truck Shops offer tires, quick lube oil changes, preventative maintenance, brakes, electrical, drive train, air conditioning and other repairs, as well as roadside service, with a strong foundation in experienced service and the highest standards in the industry.  For a complete list of all Boss Truck Shops locations, visit

For more information on the MICHELIN® Commercial Service Network, please visit

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