Media Contacts

NOTE: If you are a consumer who needs assistance please call 866-866-6605.

Eric Bruner
External Communications Director
O  864-458-4810

Lauren Davis
External Communications Coordinator
O  864-458-4692

Tony Fouladpour
Director of Corporate Public Relations (Michelin Travel & Lifestyle)
O  864-458-4335 

Mary Ann Kotlarich
Director of Commercial Public Relations (Agriculture, Earthmover, Heavy Truck)
O  864-458-4884

Brian Remsberg
Director of Consumer Public Relations (Passenger Car & Light Truck)
O  864-458-5908

Tom Sullivan
Public Relations Manager, BFGoodrich
O  864-458-4321

Stephanie Tarbet
Public Relations Manager
O 864-458-4548


Deborah Carty
Director, Communications – Canada
O  902-534-3675


Armando Limon
Communications Manager, Mexico